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Are you looking for information about THE Milwaukee Theater, or just general information about theater options in Milwaukee?

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I have attended many of the theaters in Milwaukee over the years, and have resided in this city my entire life.

However, as I've been learning more and more about Milwaukee in order to provide you with a richer experience, I have been delighted to discover the variety of theaters that are available and the level of talent that our area has to offer.

We hope to include information about each theater, that will be helpful to you as a new visitor to Milwaukee, or perhaps someone who's simply getting to know the city better.

We'll tell you about our personal experiences and include factual information – such as location, any noteworthy reviews, special features, etc.

The Milwaukee Theater

We will add more photos as we're able to, and encourage you to contact us with reviews of the theaters in the area.  If there's something we need to see and haven't, let us know!

Before we discuss some of the other theaters in the area, let’s talk about THE Milwaukee Theater.

To say that this theater is amazing would be an understatement!

Elegant, spacious, ornate - beautiful surroundings for concerts, musicals, and all theater productions.

Box Office Information:

  • Milwaukee Theatre
    500 W. Kilbourn Ave.

 Contact for both locations - 800-745-3000

More Milwaukee Theater Venues

There are a number of theaters in the Milwaukee area that are wonderful venues for an evening on the town.

Take a look at what Milwaukee has to offer:

Pabst Theater Milwaukee - One of my favorite theaters for concerts in the city!

Riverside Theater Milwaukee - Located in the heart of the city in downtown Milwaukee.

Chamber Theater - A talented group of local artists grace this stage.

Milwaukee Performing Arts Center - Venue for large Broadway performances, and home to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the First Stage Childrens Theater.

The Milwaukee Rep - One of Milwaukee professional theater companies - great theaters and exceptional actors.

Fireside Theater - A little more than an hour outside of Milwaukee, enjoy dinner and a musical at the Fireside!

You may be delighted to find the level of diversity and talent that can be found right here in the city of Milwaukee!

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Enjoy your visit to the many theaters around town!

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